The Best Meet and Greet You'll Ever Attend

7 PM – Dinner at The Palm Restaurant.  Join us for a fabulous dinner with your colleagues from all over the country.  We might cover different territories, but we share the same stories, and this dinner allows you to share yours and hear solutions from like-minded business owners.

9 PM - Caesars Palace is brimming with top-level decision-makers.  Mingling with these individuals grew my business by tens of thousands (every year).  The opportunity is yours for the making.  It’s not a big leap because you won’t be alone; you’re part of The-BMP, and we are commanding their interest and attention.

Much to discuss - In One AMAZING Day..

Are you poised to double or triple your growth? Do you have the tools to handle a 60% increase?


We Launch with an Open Forum, where you share the dynamics of your market AND learn about what’s working (and what’s not) in other markets.  We layout the goals of our organization and why our segment of the wine and spirits industry needs to take a seat at the table with the “big boys.”

Cash Flow and Profitability Management

It's a total game-changer. You can't fund growth if you can't fund your payroll. Sleepless nights over cashflow? Get off the cashflow rolllercoaster and manage your money. The Association has negotiated rates to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Personnel Management

What are the keys to reducing turnover, maximizing potential, and transforming good hires into great employees.

"What's in it for me"?

Attending this meeting is non-negotiable; it’s a MUST!

Being a small entrepreneurial business can be very isolating.  The BMP is a forum for shared-learning and support.  It will offer professional development opportunities and networking with the highest-levels of management.

Invest in yourself; invest in your business and see what ROI is really about.  Return on Investment or…


If you have been thinking about how to grow your business, but just aren't sure how to get there, you'll leave Las Vegas with a great new network, tools you can use immediately, and the backing of our industry's finest. In fact, you'll have more ideas than time to implement them all...and that's ok. The first step is making the connection. Come to Vegas and Own Your Future.

"Leap and the net shall appear" - Ancient Proverb

If you want to build a base of raving fans of your agency, you need to start with a simple "Yes". Yes to coming to Vegas. Yes to finding ways to improve. Yes to the new network of friends and colleagues. Yes to improving your business.
Yes needs to be your new word for 2018.
We'll see you in Vegas at Caesars Palace.

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